Date of Joining Envato as a Seller - Leave This Date Visible or Remove?

Here’s a question I’d like to ask as a poll to see how people feel about this from a marketing perspective. When I first joined in May of 2014 to purchase web elements from ThemeForest and GraphicRiver, I set up as a prospective author and a buyer, but decided to not sell until now. When you visit my profile page, the date I joined appears prominently below the username. Sales are also posted there. The problem here in terms of marketing is that it would appear that I had ZERO sales in two and a half years after I eventually upload my very first track. This could be bad for marketing.

Of course, I can just open a new account and start from there when I’m ready to start offering tracks. However, the more I thought about this, it could actually be a problem for other sellers who have been here for quite some time with below average sales. Conversely, it might suggest very high sales for someone who sells very quickly after joining, thereby providing them with a marketing advantage.

For the first reason, I asked Envato about the possibility of hiding these dates. They said this was not currently possible, but that I am free to ask this question in the forum and report back the results for their consideration. So, what do you think? Is it better to remove this date from public view or leave it?

I’m planning to offer music. Therefore, I’d really like to hear from AudioJungle authors although this question is open to all authors regardless of marketplace.

I personally don’t think it has any effect. An author under the same of StockSounds has been a member since January 2013, and appeared mostly dormant until around April 2015 when he started regularly releasing tracks. He is now a top selling author making 800-900 sales per month. I’m sure there are plenty of other authors who began their accounts as buyers and years later became sellers. Just ask @stardiva, who has been a member for over 7 years but only recently started selling in late 2014! I believe TimMcMorris was also initially a buyer until he started selling here about a year after he joined.

I created an account in December 2014 but started selling in April 2015. I initially thought this could put me at a disadvantage but it doesn’t appear to have done so.


It’s not something I check when I buy items, so personally don’t think it’s an issue. The only time I ever gave it any thought was when I received abusive PMs from a fellow author - he thought it was an important factor to brag about how many more sales he’d had in half the time! But on the whole I dont think buyers care.

Thanks, guys. Perhaps it isn’t unusual to wait long periods before selling and customers might not look. I only thought about it because of a possible affect on marketing and that’s not the usual thought process for a buyer. It might, however, have a subliminal role in the buying process.

I’ll keep this question open to get some additional feedback.

I’ve never noticed the date anyway (although I’m not a customer, I do look around at profiles all the time due to the fact I am a seller)

I’ve never even considered looking at the date somebody joined when making a purchase. And surely even if there are those that do, they’d look at the upload date of the item, rather than the joining date of the author?

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