Broken item - no support from envato - author - Refund - Dispute. [Petopia wordpress]

I had bought Petopia – Pet Care Service WordPress Theme by 7iquid | ThemeForest by accident twice.
Made a request for the one which i havent downloaded and i still havent got a single reply from envato or author the last 8 days.

I started working with the secondary theme and found there are many many bugs considering the elementor widgets which makes the website uneditable.
Made a request once again for refund for broken item 4 days ago and still no reply.

Thats very very unprofessional and am about to make a dispute on paypal since a paid via paypal.
The problem is i dont want to have problems with envato or with the author…

What to do?
Am already behind 8 days on project and thats really really bad…

How did you request the refund? Through the official link? Sign In | Envato Account

Hello @charlie4282
Yes both requests made via the link you had provided.

Try leaving an item comment - author @7iquid seems to reply there

Thank you, gonna do it right now.

I have a suggestion, As i saw you wrote, “Can you please check your email?” in the comment Just writing that might not work. I would suggest you to write something like “My item is malfunctioning, and I have been patiently awaiting your response for over eight days. The item is designated as supported, with an advertised response time of a maximum of two days, yet I have not received a reply from you thus far. Could you please help me ASAP?”

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The author has right to respond within 10-14 days for the refund issues. If they don’t, you could contact Support to get the issues checked but it will take some time - don’t rush.

Solve the problem with Envato support. If PayPal gets involved, you will be blocked and blacklisted. In case of you need to buy another item in the future, you won’t be able to purchase.