BMI and Audiojungle

Hey friends,
I work together with some music labels in the moment and they wanted me to join a pro.
I decided to get a member of BMI.
Now I don’t know what’s legal and financial makes sense…
Is it possible to register Audiojungle Music at BMI?
Is it forbidden to be a BMI Member and upload new Stuff on Audiojungle?
Thank you so much for your help!

Yes! There is a space to enter that information when you submit your tracks.

No, not at all. The wiser authors here will encourage you to join a PRO to maximize your income potential.

Good luck!

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Thank you so much @St-TropezMedia :heart_eyes:

@St-TropezMedia Could you explain why it’s good to register AJ Tracks also on BMI?

The AJ Community Guide, compiled and edited by RedOctopus explains what you should know about PROs as well as several other topics - it’s definitely worth spending some time to read.

Check it out!

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