Submitting works to BMI Pro

So I signed up for BMI to be my PRO and now am submitting works. They ask what its intended use is? Do i put commercial jingle or LIbrary? If it’s Library it asks for LIbrary name (AudioJungle?) and CD identifier? Please help. Thanks.


Yes, I have a similar question. Who can give instructions on how to register a track?

I have asked the same to my PRO but despite MANY e-mails they haven’t been able to provide a simple yes/no answer…

It seems that if it’s labeled LIB, it means that it goes into a certain library as production music only, and you prohibit certain sync uses to be negotiated on your behalf for small movies (non-theatrical) etc. Meaning no intention of release on Spotify or other places.

If your music is something you sell on iTunes, Spotify, as well as license yourself on places like AudioJungle, my interpretation is that it should just be registered as a regular track, not as LIB.

I just added the tracks with original names and alternative name the title that i have on aj.they didnt ask anything just approve after 2 weeks

Is my account registration number also an IPI number?