BMI question, help please

Hi everyone. I am trying to register my music on bmi. How to answer these questions:

  1. “Are there any recordings”? If i choose yes, there will be question about type/format, and when i choose “single”, it asks recording title. Is recording title means the same as the name of track?

  2. Was this song created for film, tv, music library I register my audiojungle catalog here, should i choose yes or no?

What does AudioJungle have to do with this?
You can directly ask BMI questions.

The question wasn’t for audiojungle, but for composers of Audiojungle who register their works on
You can ignore this post, instead of writing obvious things. I asked BMI, no answer yet.

same name and “commercial library” in the second

Thanks for reply :slight_smile:
There is no such option, just a question: Was this song created for film, tv, music library. Should i choose YES or NO here?

Sounds like did you create this particular track for a particular film, or tv, or library like it’s been requested or like an order. I guess the answer is NO. Otherwise, they would ask to clarify for which film etc…

My choice -Yes…You write for TV and commercials, right?

Thanks for answer. Seems like i should choose no

No. I just write music for stock websites. And don’t know where this music can be used. Maybe on tv, maybe somewhere else