BMI for Youtube?

Hi everyone. Most of my music(i guess) used for youtube, but not tv…
Should i register my tracks with BMI in this case? Will i collect royalties from youtube? Please share your experince and advices :slight_smile:

You should always register your tracks with your PRO. How do you know they won’t be used on TV in the future?

That being said, my PRO also pays for YouTube use, yes. That is in addition to Content ID (which you should also use).

Furthermore, my PRO pays for other social media use like TikTok etc. That can be HUGE money if you have a popular track.

I don’t know about BMI specifically, so my advice is to call them on the phone and ask lots of questions. That’s what I did with my PRO. Many times, as this can be quite confusing, and they don’t know everything themselves yet. Totally new area of royalties (relatively speaking).

I can contact them, but first i would like to know about other composers experince , and learn how it worked for them.
I read your posts about it. Looks like you are doing great :slight_smile: Can i know which PRO company registered your tracks? Maybe it will work for my country too

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PRO generates very nice cash. It’s on the table, why not to take bonus cash each year? Especially that sometimes even single broadcasts can generate really big royalties, bigger than earnings on stock.


Are you registered with BMI? If so, do you get any royalties from youtube? I ask about youtube, just because i found my audiojungle tracks there, used by people

Make sure your tracks are registered with ContentID if they are being used on YouTube and make sure you update your items with this registration.

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Then BMI will collect royalties, right?

I’m with PRS and they do.

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And one more question about content id. Do you think it is ok, to regitster tracks to content id, after customers bought the tracks?
I just recently heard about content id, and i don’t know if i should register tracks, that were bought by people year - two years ago.

It is easy to sort out copyright claims with AdRev, for example. Just make sure that you are upfront with registering your tracks. Previously sold items should not be a problem, it is best to start now before your portfolio gets very large.


Yes, my portfolio is small, glad that i am not starting content id thing too late. Thank you :slight_smile:

Seriously you should register your tracks, the money from your registered PRO is so worth it. Some buyers may not touch registered tracks with content ID but I guess you can deal with that as it protects your copyrighted items.

I just registered 2 tracks with content ID 2 month ago, and upload process seemed pretty easy and they accepted both tracks.
You know, i heard a lot about royalties, but living in Azerbaijan where is no PRO company(couldn’t find any info) it seemed impossible. Week ago i heard that BMI accept composers from different countries, and i thought i can try to register there in this month.


Quick question here, guys:

I am a member of a PRO in my country (Musikautor/Bulgaria), but they only cover my local territory and in the BMI application it says that I can’t be a member of another PRO organisation…
Plus I wrote three emails to BMI support to clarify the situation and nobody has responded for 3 weeks now.
Do you know how can this issue be resolved or an email where I can talk directly to a BMI support person, because calls from here to the US are costing an arm an a leg :wink:
Thanx so much in advance for your help, mates!

I think your PRO covers the international through mutual representation agreements.
Droits gérés - Musicautor

Thanx, brother, but not in my case! I am with them only for the local royalties, because they are not good throughout the world!

Registering your music with a performing rights organization (PRO) like BMI can be a good idea if you’re a music creator and your work is being used on platforms like YouTube. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Royalty Collection: BMI is a PRO that helps you collect performance royalties when your music is publicly performed or broadcast. This includes plays on YouTube. So, by registering your tracks with BMI, you may be able to collect royalties when your music is used in YouTube videos, provided that these videos generate revenue or have a significant number of views.
  2. Protection: Registering with a PRO can also help protect your rights as a songwriter and ensure that you receive compensation when your music is used by others. This can be especially important if your music becomes popular and is used without your permission.
  3. Global Reach: BMI has a broad network and can help you collect royalties not only from YouTube but also from various other sources, including TV, radio, live performances, and more.
  4. Joining Fees: Keep in mind that there might be fees associated with joining a PRO like BMI, such as an initial registration fee and annual membership fees. You should review BMI’s specific fee structure and terms to understand the costs involved.
  5. Registration Process: To register your music with BMI, you’ll typically need to provide information about your compositions, including titles, co-writers, and relevant metadata. BMI will use this information to track and collect royalties on your behalf.
  6. YouTube Content ID: YouTube also has a Content ID system that allows you to claim and monetize your music on the platform. Registering your music with BMI is separate from using Content ID, and you can do both to maximize your revenue from YouTube.
  7. Consultation: It’s a good idea to consult with a music attorney or professional experienced in the music industry to get personalized advice based on your specific situation.

Ultimately, registering your tracks with BMI can help you collect royalties for your music used on YouTube and other platforms, but it’s essential to understand the terms, fees, and processes involved. Additionally, combining registration with a PRO like BMI and utilizing YouTube’s Content ID system can provide comprehensive coverage for your music on the platform.


Thank you for providing this information :slight_smile: