Do you get royalties for your music on Youtube ?

and I don’t mean Adrev… I mean - collecting our share as composers.

I heard ASCAP is doing that.
Does anyone knows something about it ?

read here … New Performing Rights Organization (P.R.O.) policy on AudioJungle is now LIVE

It depends on your PRO. We get them from YouTube in the US and I’ve heard that some European PROs participate as well. I’m with BMI in the US and I can confirm that I’ve been getting performance royalties from YouTube on my quarterly statements since the 2nd quarter of 2014. And on that statement, I also got retroactive payments for all of FY 2013. They are not yet “international” in that they are only collected from within your country. Most likely, this will change as more PROs join the club. This isn’t a lot of money even with hundreds of thousands of plays per quarter, but I’ll take it. This doesn’t conflict with AdRev and the payments are made directly to your PRO.


So Youtube actually keeps the money until some PRO asks for it ?

BMI does this too