It's official PRO's will pay for YOUTUBE Performances

While it may be inconvenient for AJ to develop, they should demand that a customer enters usage data in every purchase made where the customer is asked to enter how they will use the composition? Internet Video? website video? for public broadcast on Youtube? On Radio? On TV? In a Film? That usage data should be part of the e-invoices we currently get.
We can then send that data to our PRO’s and earn more free money. Afterall, Isn’t buying a license all about telling the composer how they (the customer) are going to use the composition? The PRO’s now want to pay “performance royalties” for music used on YOUTUBE. YOUTUBE has agreed to this. This is an admission by google, yes we are a broadcaster and yes we make billions and billions in profits and have been screwing songwriters for a decade now. We will change our tune and cut a huge check to ASCAP so they have money to pay songwriters. This basically translates to extra money for composers, and songwriters IF the usage gets reported.


This is huge! Definitely a step in the right direction. I hope BMI follows suit in some way.

I guarantee you this is a train that will not be stopped. All PRO’s will eventually pay for YOUTUBE performances because guess what…we’re all watching youtube! This IS the biggest TV network in the world whether we like it or not. I bet most of us watch youtube just as much if not more than regular cable/ satelite TV. We better get paid for YOUTUBE performances, we may never need TV again eventually. Watching TV will be as simple as cueing up what you want to watch on your mobile device, lap top, or computer. Who will need tv in 5 years? Do we even need it now? Maybe the future is every track getting a special watermark “identifier” so the PRO’s can track usage of every soundtrack on YOUTUBE to corroborate streaming data…

Yes, it would seem that the PRO’s job of tracking usage will be much easier and automated in the digital domain than in the old days of radio and tv broadcasts.

I thought Youtube was already paying performance rights, weren’t they?

In any case, this seems to be going in the right direction!

Is it really useful to be a member of P.R.O.? Please, explain somebody, what does it mean?) (sorry if my question is offtop, or silly) :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not an expert in this matter but to put it simply, you’ll earn money just because your track was played somewhere. For now it’s been TV and Radio (probably something else as well) and now YouTube also.


Thank you for explaining, @OvertSounds ) So P.R.O. is the same organization like AdRev, or another Content ID company? Am i right?

Not quite, as far as I know main responsibility of companies like AdRev is to keep track of an illegal use of your music on YouTube and when they find it, to give you an option to earn money from it by placing ads, or just removing the video. So they don’t pay you just because your track was played on TV.

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Thank you very much! Now I understood) :slightly_smiling_face: