Has anybody who is registered with BMI received any Royalty Statements yet?

I know it takes a long time but i’m just wondering if anybody who uses BMI as their PRO ever actually received anything? Thanks.

I had my first report some days ago (all detections for music used in YouTube), and my first check is on the way :sunglasses: I put my music with BMI about 6 months ago, and as far as I know for broadcast uses can take several months or years, so just be patient :wink:

Hi E-sountrax. Is the report sent to you automatically or do you retrieve it from the web site? Thanks.

i didnt know they track youtube stuff also…how does that work? I am assuming you are not on AdRev…

also where do you check? i just click on royalty statements and nothing is ever there :frowning:

I get quarterly statements regularly. Mostly from YouTube and Spotify, or big commercials that I’ve reported to them with my track in it.

It’s not a CID system, so there’s no conflict with affiliating with Adrev. I can’t speak for @E-soundtrax, but for me, it seems that the royalties generated from YouTube have been mostly from my channel.

I have to retrieve mine from the webiste, as @KabbalisticVillage mentioned, under the the ‘Royalty Statements Tab’

I´m on adrev.

I can´t said if this royalties are from my own channel because in the report from BMI I only have the track name and numbers of views…

How do you hook up your channel to BMI…I don’t get it. Also how do you report a commercial? Feel like I’m missing out here on so much. Thanks.

You’re right, I only get the same information. I’m probably drawing inaccurate conclusions based on my channel’s views from the US and the views on the statement. The numbers are close, but not always.

Don’t think you can set your channel up with BMI. I use TuneSat to notify me for any US airing commercials, then I try to find more info on the commercial (usually tedious google searching), then fill out/follow the instructions to this form from BMI

I try to fill out as much information that I can get. I usually don’t have all the info they ask for though.

So how are you getting YouTube stuff? Please explain what royalties you are getting from there exactly. Thank you for your time.

Hey can you explain how BMI gives you royalties from Youtube…do I have to do anything on their site to start getting them? I’m a little confused. Thanks!

I got my first paycheck a few weeks ago, a whooping 19 bucks all generated by Youtube! :smile:

I didn’t do anything to link Bmi to YouTube by the way, it just happened without doing anything myself

Was it mostly your own videos? Meaning they searched by name, and not using fingerprinting?

thanks but i still dont get it. How are they connecting your Youtube stuff to your bmi stuff? Also have you received any broadcast statements at all?

Did you put any info into your youtube videos at all that would somehow lead back to BMI? Thanks

The royalties generated aren’t from ad placement, they are from actual plays. Similar to royalties from radio plays. I’m assuming YouTube has to report music plays to PROs and pay out royalties just like a radio station would. I also get royalties from Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, etc. No ‘set up’ is required.

Same here.

With PRS in the UK you can upload links to their website of Youtube videos using your music. I’m curious to see whether this eventually results in some royalties coming my way…

Right but how is Youtube reporting to BMI…are your song names matching exactly? i don’t get how they would make a connection from your youtube video to your account here on BMI…

Can you confirm if i am registered correctly on BMI? On my royalty statements page it says there are no royalties for ‘Insert my name here’ and a number…this number is different from my IPI number. Does that make sense? Thanks.

Don’t know much on the reporting royalty side, so I’m not sure how YouTube reports to BMI. And yes, the names are indeed matched.

Yes, I believe that number is your account number for BMI. Mine is different from my IP# as well.

@MorningLightMusic & @E-soundtrax, so your customers are not geting their videos claimed by your P.R.O. on youtube like adrev does? I was afraid of this, I’m just signing up to pro in my country, and since I’m already registered on AdRev, I was concerned that my customers would get double claims, so I plan to sign a contract that states they don’t protect my rights on the internet, just for broadcast. I guess I don’t have to do that?

Not 100% sure, but I don’t think BMI claims videos like AdRev does. I can’t speak for all the PROs, but I’ve never had a customer tell me their video was ‘claimed’ by BMI. PRO and CID are two very different things, from my understanding.

Again, from my understanding, PROs collecting internet royalties are directly from the platforms, like YouTube, Spotify, etc. and not the customers. Same concept as broadcast royalties. If a commercial with your song is broadcast on CNN, then CNN pays royalties, not the company whose commercial used your song. So I don’t think signing a contract excluding internet royalties would do your customers a favor. You just might miss out on extra income from streaming platforms.

NOTE: I’m also quite new to the PRO scene, so I would do more research than just taking my word for it!

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