BMI / register work: "recordings" or not? => answer is yes, and also add yourself as "artist"

I have a simple question.
I just joined BMI and am willing to registrer my Audiojungle tracks.
When asked for “recordings”, in the “artists / recordings” page, I entered no.

But I am now realizing that maybe as I played the track, mixed it and mastered it, I somehow provide a finish product, and not just a “composition”. Maybe it is considered as a “recording”?

Just wondering how you guys do… and if you answer “yes”, then do you pretend it is a “single”?


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Well - I still don’t have a clear view about this… I searched but can’t find any clear info on the subject…

Replying to myself: I contacted BMI and yes, there is a “recordings”, as the song is commercially available.
Really positively impressed by BMI reactivity by the way :slight_smile:


I contacted BMI again, and the idea is also to add yourself as the “artist” as you have performed the song yourself.
Hope this helps ! :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: !

Thanks for sharing @frozenjazz!

Just submitted my first track to them, and messed it up. Should have read your post before submitting, not after, duh.

What did you put for the type of recording, “single” right? What about the recording use? When I choose “library” I have to input a “CD identifier”, what is that?


Have not sumitted for a long time, but yes, it was “single”. (a BMI representative told me to use this choice)
And I don’t remember having chosen “library”. What are the other choices?

Film, TV, Theater, library, commercial jingle

ok, I pretended submitting a new work… and for the question:

“Was this work created for Film, TV, Theater, or Music Library?”

the answer is… “No”


Ok. So, AJ is not a music library. Got it.

Thanks for the info! :slight_smile:

I was not 100% clear at first, but it seems “Music Libraries” would be the non RF ones, the ones that will get you placements for TV and film.

For the “recordings”, BMI explicitely answered this:

The ‘recordings’ question refers to if the song was recorded for commercial release. Is the song available for purchase somewhere? If it is simply ‘recorded’ in a studio, you can answer no to that question.
It refers to if the song has been recorded/released on an album/digitally.

For “artist”, they answered this:

The Artist is the band or singer that performs the song. If you are the performer, you can list your name in this section.

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Great! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Now, to send them a I screwed up email…

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No problem, I also did that on my first submission - they told me they would do the modification for me, which they did. They were quite helpful indeed.