Big disappointment

No matter which item i buy all of them are broken or malfunctioning, glitchy, haphazardly causing errors, won’t run with Shopify apps… I regret buying from theme forest should have bought it from Shopify itself and even if i get a refund (Still waiting for my refund for two themes that i purchased) it’s just credited in my Envato account forcing me to buy again and again even if i don’t want to. Maybe you guys have lots of money but i don’t so every penny matters to me…

Theme forest is a big disappointment.
It’s just a source for people trying to make money by providing unstable or incomplete products…

Themes at Shopify costs around 140$ at least. I’m not sure which theme you have purchased at ThemeForest but if it’s something for 20$, you should’ve considered the quality by comparing the prices.

Beside, the installation requires some effort for TF themes, due to it’s not on the Shopify system, one click installation doesn’t work. Still if you think there’s an issue with the themes you have purchased, you can request a refund from the author first, then if there’s no reply, you can contact Envato support

If the item has a bug then you should report this to the developer. All software have bugs, this is nothing new.

Besides that, quite frankly I do not appreciate your generalization. Just because you happen to have been stung twice does not make this a bad marketplace. There are great products here at good prices.

Not every product is the right one for what you are trying to achieve.You just need to be more selective with what you buy. Ask presale questions, check reviews and comments.

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I bought three themes till now first two cost me $20 the third one cost me $31 even though the total is half the cost of the themes at shopify that doesn’t mean it should be broken or incomplete product.n i am not a developer its hard for me to do any kind of coding works, just after buying those theme even getting the logo to a proper size took me like 4 days n then when you are about the complete your website another bug or glitch this okay? is it okay to sell buggy and incomplete products even if its for cheap…huh!!! and due to lack of proper support,or no response from the creators i will still say theme forest is a website selling unusable products…

As a buyer i am aware of that.
Twice?..well thrice!!!
So are you saying that you have to be fooled a thousand times before we say this is a bad marketplace.
I had no problems when i found out the glitches on the products the thing that stung me is effing customer support…neither they provide any help nor they provide you refund in time…!!!
I was skeptical about this website and it turned out to be true…
The only reason why i bought three products from here was because the refund was credited on evanto account for buying another theme …so i thought may be the first product was faulty lets buy another one…and then it happend again n again now i am at my boiling point…Thanks

I have made purchases too and I’m quite happy. This happened 5 times in a row, so where does that leave us ? As far as I can tell, you are just unlucky. Anyway, one must fail to succeed right? :joy::joy:

Jokes apart, if what you are saying is true, you will be refunded. I wish you a peaceful day and better luck next time.