Novetty theme - full of issues

HI. I installed the Novetty theme for Shopify and what a shamble it is! Has anyone made this work

  • It keeps putting the wrong size of item in the cart.

  • Says the cart is empty when there are items in it - so wont process the sale!! Really not great.

  • The carousel for collections to feature in grids fail to function. You can set them up then they dissapear from the front end even though they are showing on back end.

  • RAised a ticket and they said I need to buy the support package!! UR No, how about you supply a fully functioning theme. The one I paid for!

Can anyone give me any idea as what to do or im swapping this out for another theme and it wont be from Envato as this is the third theme in one year that is ridddled with issues. Does no checking go on before these guys can sell this non functionning crap?