Can't fix Shopify Theme


Hi all

I need a little help. I am a subscriber, grabbed some Templates for my shopify store and there are some things I cannot remove and it’s driving me bonkers.

There are images hard coded into the site like for free shipping and even, to show where a phone number should go. I can’t turn them off and short of actually creating a little square that matches the color of the template, I annot get them to go away.

Yes I’ve read the documentation, it’s not great documentation so still don’t know how to kill that. Also not that well versed at liquid so I dont’ even know where to go to pull it from the code. Help?


Hi @Thepinklabel,

If you have purchased Shopify themes on ThemeForest, you should get in touch with their authors to see if they can help you. It looks like you need some customization done though, therefore authors may not be able to provide you with this service (it’s always good to ask).

You may want to check Envato Studio for a coding service as well: