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This is my first time posting in forum. I’m unsure where to go for help with an issue I have been having with a Shopify theme I purchased on themeforest 8/12/15. I’ve been a customer for 3 years and this is the first time to experience an issue like this.

I purchased Bazien Shopify theme on 8/12/15 and paid for custom edits before Themeforest change support policy.

The theme disappeared for 1 week and half after purchased and then was republished. I paid $250 for Bazien author to customize theme, but I was left with a few errors and bugs. I have been emailing theme as I learn of issues. It took 1 month just to get the theme up and running to publish live since customer support has been very slow with response. After it when live I learned of more bugs, errors, and issues after certain custom edits the author made so I emailed again requesting if the bugs and errors can be fixed. I’ve been emailing for weeks.

The theme itself has been updated 4x to fix bugs. I am still using the 1st version purchased. Bazien author told me today because I paid them to do custom edits I cannot update the theme to the new version. So I asked if author can send screenshots were I can go in the code to edit it myself. I also asked if it is possible to fix 4 of the important bugs in my theme that were fixed in new version since he said I cannot update my theme due to custom edits author did. I received a really rude response and was told he only support Install and not upgrade-customized code. I’m so confused. I paid author $250 for custom edits and some of those edits weren’t completed correctly like #1 below. I kindly asked if it can be fixed. His response sounds like he is not fixing the error.

1. All 6 demos has a fullwidth About Us page. I paid to have a header banner on About Us page for the demo 5 installed that shows fullwidth in demo. The header was added, but not to the fullwidth About Us page shown in demo. Just to the regular page. I requested for this to be fixed and he said it was added to page??? Does anyone know where in the code I can fix this? Right now it’s on a regular page and not the fullwidth like shown in demo.

His response:

  • Add header image option to Static Pages, About Us, and Blog Pages
    it is HEADER IMAGE for those page.

2. I selected black for the call to action button on checkout page in Customize Panel and the hoover button color was theme color before edits were made to checkout. After author edits were made to checkout the button color was changed to red for some reason. I send a screenshot and email informing their custom code was overriding the colors selected in Customize Panel and no longer working and have been asking since 9/15/15 to have this fixed, or show me where to go in the code what line# to fix the color since the Customize Panel no longer works. He responded below saying it changed in the main color, but I still need to know where in the code main.css to change the color back since it is something they did during edits that replaced the original black button color with theme color hoover. Does anyone know where in the code I can go to change this?

His response: => There is no option to change button color. The button color is changed by the main color.

Last Issue:– A customer posted in comments the mobile background image was not showing properly. Author states it was fixed in new version, but because author says I cannot update theme to new version because of the custom edits they did I asked Author if he can fix this in my theme. He responded very rudely below. I do not think money control everything. I’ve only been asking for errors and bugs I have been coming across to get fixed, or if he can send a screenshot to show where I can go to fix this. His comment was very unkind. I’ve been so kind and patient considering the hassle it’s been to get this theme up and running and errors and bugs fixed from custom edits.

I purchased the theme and paid for custom edit before Themeforest changed its support policy. Does this mean I can pay for custom features, but author cannot fix certain bugs or errors found in the theme and found after certain custom edits were performed. Shopify does not provide support for 3rd party themes. Who do I turn to, to fix this issues even though I already paid the author for the custom edits. I also was unaware once custom edits are received I can never update the theme to new version that fixes bugs. How do I ensure my bugs are fixed as well? I’m so confused and extremely disappointed with how rude I am being spoken to just for asking certain bugs and errors to be fixed that was caused by the author.

Please help, or provide advice on what to do. I’m so lost…I don’t want a refund. I just want the few issues and the important bugs fixed that were fixed in new version like; mobile background, search layout. Right now my search results does not align properly. Can someone please guide me on what to do.

Thank you kindly…

His Response:

WE ONLY SUPPORT for install service. we are not support for upgrade if you customized code.


Feel sad to see that you had a poor experience. Why don’t you reach out directly to Envato Support? They will help you surely in this matter as the theme is buggy and not working according to your post.


Thank you. I took your advice and sent message to support.

Thanks again

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