Can any one give me tips why my theme reject

I was submit a shopify theme in themeforest but it has been rejected my theme url is Can any one give me tips how I can change it so that the next one will be accepted

I can only see it on a phone but given the quite extensive amount of work needed there to correct bugs with CSS, layout, styling etc. I would expect there are similar issues on other devices.

Can you please give me a guideline I am new here and has no experience about themeforest

No one can teach you how to design. Looking at it on a PC here are a few obvious issues:

  1. Mobile performance needs a lot of work generally to fix bugs throughout

  2. Do you have commercial license/use permission on that Buddha megamenu?

  3. The design and execution are a bit out dated and generic. It has to offer features and quality that warrants someone paying for it over the free alternatives on Shopify or even the premium competitors on envato, and with respect I just don;t see that here.

  4. Generally, the design fundamentals need work e.g. typography, hierarchy, styling, spacing

Just as an example (not the only parts):

  • Header logo and cart links don’t align the res of the page

  • the woman in pink under “Winter 2017” (this font is not a good choice) - the countdown is way too spaced and lacks hierarchy styling, “warm in cool” is too small and lost, reviews, cost and buy buttons all need to be spaced better, rollover icons are very small


thanks a lot for your valuable opinions. It gives me an understanding what to do now and how to proceed for the next step. thanks a lot once again

Your template is rejected hard because it’s very messy designs, logo too left, not working responsive, not commercial, etc but you need larning for make shopify for approved you sell on themeforest, regards.-

Thank you JeriTeam for your response. after all of your help suppose I can find out the points to look after in my designs. Yours comments give me a great idea about the quality and look and feel of a template for themeforest. I will try again with a new one here very soon. thanks again

Fully agreed with @charlie4282.

You have done a great job with this template, but the design isn’t good enough. If you are a developer and not a designer then my advice to you would be to find a teammate, who can help you to deal with all your UI design work. Good luck. :wink::thumbsup:

Yes I have also realize that. In coding I have no problem but in design work I offen do mistakes