Help modify YourStore for Shopify

Hey Guys I hope I’m at the right place here…
So today I have bought a new theme for my onlineshop from envato.
The famous YourStore Theme, I’m using Layout 1.
Currently I’m a bit overwhelmed with all the settings and different styles.
I have some standard html skills, I used the minimal theme before but I wanted a full wide screen theme.

I really like it but I’m missing some things and I want to remove some features…

I cannot find the contact button anywhere on the page and I have some important questions.

If it doesnt work I’m thinking about to cancle the order and go back to my old theme.

My questions/ problems:

  1. Instagram
    I cannot setup the Instagram App, I have the Client ID, the Access Token but I cannot find my User ID.
    My Instagram feed doesnt show up in my theme, and I read some parts about Instagram API, Sandbox and to request submissions? But I cannot request it… Is it necessary? What should I do/need?
    never thought that this would be so terrible and complicated.

  2. Remove
    Is there a chance to remove/hide the quick view pop up/hover effect, the underlining on the top, the “out of stock” picture and the “show” and “sort by” parts in a collection?

I hope someone can help me with support, information or some tutorials.
Thank so much.

PS: Sorry for my bad english I’m from germany.

Author support here


Did you read documentation from that template or contact template developer?