Best tracks rejected, worst one approved. Have you experienced it?

These two different tracks I made were rejected, both of them. On each of them I’ve spent quite some time. Probably 5 to 7 days of work.
And I think each of them carries certain idea, commercial quality and sounds really nice. I honestly like them and do not want to change anything.

On the other hand this track was approved

But I’ve spent about an hour or two making it. And I think track is really bad. Honestly, i made a bad track. Just as experiment. I was wondering would it be approved or not. Turned out it was.

So my question is, do you share an opinion of the reviewer that the first two tracks “does not meet the general commercial quality standard”?

For me it seems so, that it is better not to spend more than several hours on creating a composition. But that leads us to the same tracks all over the place. What do you think?

P.S. I even used an “inspiring” word to describe my first track posted here. And made it as much commercial as possible. Did not helped at all. What a shame. :slight_smile:

The problem with the first one is the intro. I just listened till 0:34.
The problem with the second one is some piano notes out of tune.
And thinking after listen the second one is that i think there are some notes out of tune in the first one too.

Well, the ideas are nice but there are clashing instruments (for example, 0:34 in the first track) and overall the mixes are too muddy, there are problems in the low end and the low mids. Compare to the bestsellers and you will hear the difference.

The amount of time spent on a track means nothing. But the song ideas are nice, so just keep at it and make track after track, and each new one will be better than the last.

I thought that this was one of my best acoustic and classical orchestral tracks. Well, obviously I was wrong,

This is an approved track on Audiojungle. I thought that it was so simple and silly… well I spent some minutes to do that.

1 track:
-agree with the statement of Manriquedelara, the introduction is too long, the main part begins almost at 1:00.
-I’m not sure that the track needs a similar ending from 2:30
-The version that starts at 2:44 is more suitable for the composition
2 track:
-I caught the idea of 80s music, but there is always a sense of “midi editor”, there is not enough “humanizing”
-Piano plays too low

Unfortunately, the time and effort spent on creating the track is not a guarantee of its demand on the market. Approved track is most suitable for commercial use. This is a hard truth, but we need to draw the right conclusions from this. Maximum quality for the minimum time - probably this is the most useful formula, which we all strive for in audiojungle) Cheers!

Thank you for your opinions. Appreciate the feedback. :blush:
Agree that we all need to draw the right conclusions from this.