First upload- rejected. why?


We’ve just upload our first track and got rejected. The comment i recive from them was:
“This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.”
here is the track:

would like to hear your advice on this one. we are a professional studio who work on music full time. I found on Audiojungle track that are way less quality. what are we missing

Thank you!

Hello! The track is very original. Personally, I think that the unique vocals and fall loud claps very much limit the use of the track with any video.

Thank you for the reply.!

Is there any more thing we should change?

See which tracks are trending. Listen to what sells well. So you can understand what the buyer needs. Tracks for video accompaniment differ from music for listening in many ways. In theory, you can write almost any kind of music by observing some rules for sound selection, arrangement, structure and mixing. The basics are covered in the Author resources on the dashboard. Listen and analyze what kind of music is used in advertising, what kind of background and how it sounds and what sounds it is written with. I see no point in remaking this track. I wish you success!

Thank you!