Benefits from videohive

Hello friends, can anybody tell me what benefits can we have if we’ll know that an videohive author used my track?
I can place his video on my page, but what benefit will it give to me?

I think that the main benefit is the promotion of your track in projects of videohive author.
That is not necessary to know about using your track on videohive to getting benefits from it

am I right?

They’ll usually use a track that suits the project in question. So essentially, they’ve done the groundwork when it comes to researching a track that works well with the item… as a result, the buyer doesn’t have to. So although there will be exceptions, it’s probably more likely that a buyer who needs music to go with the item, will buy your track, rather than somebody else’s!

And as they have to include a link to your track, that makes it easier for buyers to do so.


Yes i guess you’re right. Just relax and see how this track selling. It is already suppose to be promotion if your track used on VH project.

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that’s great, nut I’m askimg about should I place videohive project with my track on my profile page description? what benefits it will give to me?

thanks for you usefull answer

I always link to videohive items directly from my item pages because I believe it will

  1. showcase just how well your track really works to picture which will also
  2. give assurance to prospective buyers that other creatives and authors see value in your work
    This might just be enough to 3) convince an on-the-fence buyer to immediately license your track.

It may not necessarily make you more money directly unless you take it 1 step further and promote the videohive item on your website/social media with your referral code.

But don’t forget 4) it will also give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing that you have promoted a fellow author for (on the surface at least) no reason at all :wink:


Awesome, thanks a lot!
The las point of the list is the best =)

and the Karma always works I believe :pray:

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And I guess advertising the item on your item might increase sales of the VH item… which would make the VH author happy, and more likely to use one of your tracks in future items.

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Interesting thing, thanks :muscle:
so I’ll find my tracks and place it on my page