Video hive footage on audiojungle music

Hi everyone, i would know if the audiojungle authors can use viodeohive footage on the music, like an example for promoting the portfolio, just like video hive authors can use audiojungle music with the watermark.

Yes it is allowed. Although, I don’t see the point of this, nor the logic.

A piece of music can be part of a video. A video cannot be a part of a piece of music.

The point is to show to a potential client how that music works on a specific type of video genre. For example, use a corporate music on a generic corporate video, just like a shop window :slight_smile:

Videohive authors use a generic and specific mood music for their specific type of video, and the purpose is to show a complete product to a client.

Are you sure that is allowed ? i have to ask the permission to the videohive author ?


But isn’t that what the entire music video industry is based on? Videos that are used to promote music?

Yes, Videohive items need music in order to be complete, but your music is a complete product on its own. It will not be “more complete” when put on a footage, the footage will. To put it in other words, buyers of a videohive item may be interested to also buy the music that makes this item whole; while buyers of your item will not be interested to buy the “dummy” video that “illustrate” your music. They don’t care that your music fits the footage you chose, they only care whether it will fit their footage.

I understand your point, though. I just don’t think it’s effective or even relevant, but that’s merely my opinion. Other AJ authors have done the same. I’m pretty sure it’s allowed, but you can check the FAQ for confirmation. You don’t have to ask permission although it would be more courteous.

Sure. But there again, the music video is the “end product”, that comprise the music and images. In any case music videos do not feature production music whose sole raison d’être is to illustrate videos.

I may very well be wrong, and using Videohive previews may be an effective way to promote your music. But I’d be surprised.


I think that my music is not a complete product, because the music on audiojungle is used mainly for video and it doesn’t work on its own, it isn’t a song, it’s a “specific mood music” for emphasize a video and a message. That’s why i believe that is an incomplete product; a generic happy people footage it will works on a happy music and help the client to see a preview of the result. We are talking about generic because who needs a specific composition for a specific video hires a composer that works on that specific video.

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I honestly don’t know if it would work or not, but I would be surprised if it really contributed to a buyer’s decision. They already have their own project in their mind so they’d be thinking about that while listening.

Maybe you are right about that.