Your opinion on Videohive use of music demo tracks

A Videohive designer contacted me this morning to say he had used one of my demo tracks in his project. It’s his animated graphics with my watermarked music as the soundtrack. He wanted to know if it was OK (after the fact). I imagine this is pretty common. But if he’s selling his graphics and using my music to help sell them, shouldn’t I get paid for the use of my music? Sure seems like it. Thoughts?

Well, you don’t get paid but you get a lot of free exposure like this. Additionally, someone purchasing his product is likely to purchase yours too since it may be that his visual media is created to work well with your audio (ergo it is easy for a buyer to just purchase your music too instead of trying to find another audio that works well with that particular visual media project).

Wish more VideoHive users used our music in their projects!

Just our opinion on this! :wink:

It’s allowed and no permission is required. They do have to credit you though, and include a link to your track. It’s usually a good thing for the author of the track, as people will often buy the track used in the preview video to match what they’re seeing and hearing in the video. Saves them having to search around for a track that suits when somebody has already done it for them.

I see this as free exposure for you, assuming said videohive author links to your item on his description. You potentially will get paid from this exposure, and you didn’t even have to work for it. Mutual benefit, no?

You guys make a good point. Any exposure is good. And I guess if he bought the track he would be under no obligation to link to my tune.

I think this sort of exposure is keeping some people on a permanent top seller list. If you have good music, it’s a prime target for Videhive authors and you get a lot more views that go above and beyond your already free premium advertising in the top seller list, plus you’re in the search engine. In fact, I’m willing to bet that a few authors here can sell big numbers without even being in the search engine due to all the free “within marketplace” promotion from Videohive coupled with the extreme exposure they receive from the top seller lists.

If I sold here, I’d probably shoot for building alliances with the popular Videohive authors as part of my marketing.

I think this is great! This way more buyers get to know you and your music and it should increase your sales. It’s free promotion. I wish someday videohivers will use my music in their projects too! Wish you good luck with your work! :slight_smile: