Collaboration between Audio Jungle and Video HIve

I have been all over the site trying to find this out. My music is under used at present and I would like to make some films to promote it on you tube. On the basis that this would be mutually beneficial to myself and the video hive creators is it allowed?

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Yes, you are allowed to use VideoHive preview files to promote your music on Youtube.

Do it :sunglasses:

You’ll get some referral money too if you use your ref links. And remember, you don’t ONLY have to promote your own music. Uploading other authors’ AJ preview tracks is cool too. Here’s a tip, make a nice collection, like “Best Olympic Sports Music”, “Best Royalty Free Summer Music” or something in that vein, pick 10 of your fav competitors’ tracks and then add your own. Not only will you make money from referrals to your competition, you will also be able to use the YouTube analytics tools to find out more about listener behaviour and how your track stands out in the selection. In the long run, you’ll probably also gain more subscribers / viewers in total using a variety of audio / video and uploading regularly. GOOD LUCK!


Nice tip! thank you :slight_smile: