Beginner Web Designer looking for constructive feedback

Hi guys,

I’m fairly new to the design world and up until now have been trying to get by with a bunch of tutorials. I feel like the next best step is to get some live feedback on a project I’m working on but not too happy with just yet.

The inspiration for this watch website design is the Rolex website. I’m not happy with the typography (something is throwing me off… colour, size?) and also feel like the banner isn’t very impactful, or doesn’t make a very solid brand impression.

Mainly looking for that missing “sparkle” … and other basic critique.

Any constructive feedback on anything (layout/typography/colours/etc) would be incredibly helpful and much appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi, here are few points:

  1. serif text under Luxury Watches Toronto is almost unreadable
  2. whole top section with watch looks way too blank and boring, consider some background image or something
  3. serif font doesn’t work for me, maybe because it’s too small or it is just not right
  4. overall, it’s way too simple and unfinished, there is not much to criticize, because there is not much there

If you see yourself that there isn’t something right, that’s a good sign. Be critical to your work. Check out other designs all over the internet to get some inspiration.
Anyway, an ok start if you are a total beginner, but I advice you to finish it first before you ask for some constructive feedback.