Need your critique

Hello community, I have created one page portfolio website and looking forward for you feedback to improve myself.

Preview - [removed by author]

I will glad to hear from you.

Looks good. Layout is ok. Typography needs improvements. But probably reviewers consider that commercial potential is low, Customers looks for more common layouts.

Been creating simple layouts, the reviewer said that we need some unique things now, so I just created something special.

You said typography needs improvements which place exactly ? if you do not mind telling of course.

You have too many font sizes. Choose 2 sizes for body text, 1 size for titles and use it throughout all pages. If you need to highlight something in text use bold or introduce some color

That is interesting. But I am not gonna agree with that one. I believe you can use up to 3 different font styles in one section and this is normal.

Based on hierarchy there are 3 different stages for perception.

  1. Title (title can be be supported by graphics)
  2. Chapeau (it is a French terminology for highlighted paragraph in body text) it comes from editorial design
  3. Body text

Also all these elements above needs to be integrated in a single layout / screen or continuously for entire page

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Also using too many font sizes in one page technically it needs to amend the global CSS for all pages.

Yeah, I know this moment, because of this I used only “regular”, “medium”, “bold” weights of font

Use only regular and bold. and maximum 4 sizes. keep it simple. Introduce some custom graphics that you can include in the package

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Well thank you, I noted this.

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I can see you have created many fonts so you definitely know the stuff )

I studied allot of typography and layout integration

For what it’s worth (I don’t have @DesignSomething’s typography experience!):

  • Personally I think the font choice for testimonial is a bit heavy for that use, and it would beneft from breathing more from the edge of the containers. It looks better on the ones with the image but still heavy

  • Page 2 contact info / address etc is very small

  • Page 4 the titles etc. are too small. There’s also quite a lot of empty space in/around the service boxes and icon

  • in all designs the registered trademarks need to go

  • The scrolling section headings like ‘Contact me’ feel too indistinct from the rest of the page and miss the point they are trying to achieve

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Thank you Charlie, I got it

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