Need Experience For My First Product !

Hello the community !

I’m working on a week to make this stupid theme for Pets Service, before submit and wating for quality checked. Dose any kindness people in the community can give me some feedback about my product(PSD template) and the big question is : Do you think this will approve from the viewer team of themeforest ?

I did not have any experience on the market, so if my question or my product too stupid for sale please teach me HOW or WHAT will go for the next step.

Big thanks and hope you guys always have a good doing with big sale .

Thanks you so much !


Hi there!

I have checked your homepages and have a bit of feedback:

  1. Improve texts readability over images.

  2. Improve the style of the button(See screenshot from point #1)

  3. Use bolder fonts for headings.

  4. I think that the color combination is not chosen well on the orange variant.

  5. The main problem of these PSD’s is the readability.

Good Luck

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Hi ThemeSLR,

I really appreciate on your feedback,You are awesome !

I’m on hard working to improve my idea and keep well do on your feedback.

The more you give, the more you get. On my first sale at the market, i will donate for you to a big thanks !

Thanks you ThemeSLR, so much !

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It is necessary to make big changes in the overall design.

The typographic hierarchy needs great improvements. To improve readability try adding more weight to the typography and adding bigger filters.

It is true color does not help in absolute, and effectively needs to be changed.

Good luck

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Dear TexTheme,

I’m right now your big fan and will listened your advice to make this one more better for ready to sale.

Thank you very much ^___________^ _