Feedback my design admin PSD.

Hi to all:

Please feedback my design PSD if it’s better design or old style please help me, thanks.

@Muse-Master @goofydadog @varunsridharan



sorry to say but this design looks too old and its too odd to view. try using materiel designs. and add better color options

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many thanks I will change color regards.

where material design? please link.

You have to find it. to help you on this there is a thing called Google :stuck_out_tongue:
Here you go

I fonud color material is

Now yes? please help me.


as i said before the layout / design is not upto the TF Quality
kindly check the designs which are already in Themeforest to get an idea.

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it’s not same design other marketplace but maybe color I will change colors

or I will add more ideas content

This is a perfect example why reviewers don’t provide feedback. Varun said the colours don’t look good so you changed them… but they now look worse. Or about the same. So feedback like ‘poor use of colours’ is virtually useless… because if the author can’t identify that the colours are poor themselves in the first place, someone telling them the colours are poor isn’t going to make them a master of colour. They’ll just use a different selection of colours that may or may not be better than the last.

Varun-- I’m not knocking you for providing feedback.

Jeri - I’m not knocking you for asking for feedback (although when you complain about not receiving feedback from forum users it is extremely annoying!), but asking for feedback here isn’t going to take your items from reasonable to amazing. Buy some books on colour theory, watch some videos… do some research on top selling items in the category you’re looking to sell in. What works and what doesn’t? You can ask people to give you a Filet-O-Fish which will feed you for a day… or you can teach yourself to make your own Filet-O-Fish, which will feed you for a lifetime! (I forget the saying, but it’s something like that)


I agree with you. since i am not a designer myself. i was not able to provide a valuable feedback. i am trying to improve my self in design too.

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I also am agree @SpaceStockFootage

@JeriTeam The best place to inspire yourself with latest design trends:

Tips: once your design is ready, before submitting it to themeforest please compare your design with the designs you see in those two sites. You will see yourself the difference and you will also know the chances of getting your design approved here in THemeforest :slight_smile:

All the best.

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many thanks, but I need change design like please help me, thanks.

This layout is very old. Follow google Material Designs.

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many thanks