i want some positive reviews before submit to themeforest html template

Hi guys,
I need to review my new html template and need some improvement suggestion from all of you to get approved my first ever html template on TF. I tried too many times but never get approved my any template. I hope this time i can do this.
here is demo link of my template

There is not a lot that makes this original or premium. There are hundreds of one-page templates in different categories so anything news has to bring something stand out.

  • The countdown timer is broken onto two lines
  • Spacing and hierarchy could be improved
  • Do you have the rights to use those watch images in a commercial project?

thanks charlie4282 this is only for test purpose not ready for sale

Sorry to say that your typography is not good at all. It could get soft rejection.

mixturethemes would you please suggest me valid font family according to my theme style
and i also want to know how to write documentation for my single and multiple pages template.
thanks in advance

Maybe you should think about using less animations. It’s too much!

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You should not use animations in products

thanks to all for your help