before submition !

hi guys , i’ve just finished designing a PSD portfolio template(i hope so :grinning: ) …
what do you think about it ? will it be approved ? i worked on typography and alignment and so on…
thanks :slight_smile:

I think the main issue with this PSD, there is too much white space all over the place.

###You can improve:

  1. Footer - add some extra widgets, improve typography
  2. Don’t know why but this section seems a bit unfinished. Add some extra content. Improve typo and add some catchy icons. These one are a bit outdated(Just a personal opinion).
  3. Be consistent with texts from fields/buttons. The first one is UPPERCASE, the rest not.
  4. About section - That paragraph is too big. Make two paragraphs there.

###Final note
One thing its clear. You need to improve this PSD in terms of typography/spacing/white space/fonts/icons.


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The typography still has many problems, The typographical hierarchy requires great improvements.

Design in general requires major changes.

Remember that the PSD category must be pixel perfect.

Keep working, good luck.

thank you so much @ThemeSLR for you interest in the first place and for your useful advices . i really appreciate it . i’ll work on it … thanks once again.

Regards .

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first of all i’d like to thanks you for your feedback, and for your useful advices . yes the typography needs more work …
anyway thaks once again .