is there anybody who can help me to review my PSD template

Hi Guys,
i am new to themeforest and creating a Multi Purpose website theme and want to submit it in PSD Template Category, i have created 3 pages so far and want some professional feedback so i can get an idea if i am going in right direction or not.
Here is the link for preview files:
Every Feedback will help me to improve my design so please feel free to speak whatever you think about it and where i need to improve. Thanks in advance to all helpers!

Guys i have created more pages of the theme and sharing them with the on the following link,

Please review them and let me know GOOD and BAD things about it so i can improve it. Thanks

@vishnusathyan hi Vishnu could you please check the templates now i have managed the line height and spacing issues as you mentioned. thanks in advance!

I see lot of inconsistent spacing. For e.g. in the hero slider area, the space on top of ‘We help…’ and the space below the CTA aren’t equal, that kinda makes it feel like its been displaced.
Line height is different at places. For e.g. the body text line height in the features overview section and the why choose us section are different. also use of italic font makes no sense.
Hope this helps.

is there anybody else who can suggest me the areas which needs improvement

anyone else??