My First PSD Template (feedback)

Hello dears!
I would like your feedback regarding a theme PSD before submitting it to Envato. Most probably I’ll have to use different stock images, but any suggestions are welcome.

Here are my first attempts:

Your cristics will be much appreciated.
Thank you in advance!

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Hi, I think that your psd is approved themeforest but I am not sure good luck regards.

Thank you very much for your opinion! It’s a good start to have a positive feedback :slight_smile:

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It’s a good start. But design details are not unique and premium enough, you should improve typography also

Thank you !
I used Open Sans as main font, and Georgia for prices. Do you think it’s not ok as a combination?

Why did you add this awful large space? It is pretty unnecessary element. Try to decrease it. :thumbsdown:

Your mockup is a little bit boring and low-quality. Try to find something interesting on Behance Interaction Gallery. Then, pick a set of UI elements and try to replicate them in your work. Hope it helps. :ok_hand:


Thank you! I agree with you about the space :slight_smile: It will disappear in the final version, I will keep it to make it easier to replicate the footer across all pages.
Thank you for the Behance suggestion!

Hi, sorry to say but as it was mentioned before your design is not so unique. Also there is a lot of small details that need to be changed… like spacing, typography, size of some parts are too big compared to others etc.

Did you used a grid for creating this design?

Never approved

It’s good start but is not yet ready for themeforest PSD Cateogry.

You need to detail work on

  • Spacing
  • Font
  • Typography
  • Alignment issue
  • Buttons / Icons

You can check already approved template on themeforest. It’s Help you lot.

All the best.