please review my item

Hello community please review my theme can i upload it



Is this a PSD?

What do other pages look like?

There’s still a fair bit of tidying up to be done here

  • some of the fonts (esp. on the hero area) do not work

  • everything is very squashed together and could do with breathing more

  • careful with padding consistency top/bottom of sections

  • avoid famous media brand logos

  • don’t use generic copied content e.g. blog posts as it seems unfinished

Generally, the concept is nice but for a listing site etc. there are a whole lot of pages that you are going to need to have done and included.

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Hi there:

You design psd is very good but need improvement you typography:


I hope you help it and I think that you psd is approved themeforest regards.

how much time take for review my theme in TF

1 Like up to 20 days.

This is another reason why it is so important that you included all the pages. What do the others look like?

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i don.t have any other pages right now its on process

Then I am afraid you will definitely be rejected - PSD is a tough category at best of times and you won’t get away with a part done item, esp when that page alone needs work