Design feedback for my new PSD item

Hi there , before i submit my latest works. i would ask the envato forums members to provide me some feedbacks just to make sure i’m providing my clients the necessary design quility which they deserve.

Basic home page:

Home page styly 2:

Blog page two columns layout :

Blog page one column layout :

Single blog post two columns:

Single blog post one column:

404 page:

Hi there:

Your PSD is good, do you submit themeforest?


I see a lot of things to polish and clean up with the typography.

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Hi @Toivo-Media , i will be grateful if you give me some examples… :wink:

hi @jeriteam007 if meant did i submite it to themeforest yet ? no not yet i’m still working on it i’m thinking to add some extra pages to it and a different color schemes…

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If you want add different colors some psd you can make it as you want :slight_smile:

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On the footer of the 404 page - each column isn’t consistent, the font size and spacing is different, the lines of the contact info don’t match up with the other columns, so it doesn’t look clean or good to me. There are other parts where the indentation of the text is different and it doesn’t look clean also. My understanding of typography is you have to be careful how you arrange it on a grid in order to make the layout look clear and good.

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thank you for your feedback @Toivo-Media ,
if i understand good the footer needs work … ?

I tried to use the footer as an example, but I think the typography generally in your design needs work.


On the main one page layout:

  • Perosnally I’d let the nav items breath a little more

  • about title on the right copy to the left needs more definition between the two (too similar feeling and sub title/content text)

  • Counters seem mis aligned

  • Spacing on Portfolio title, filter and items feels like it could be better

**Blog posts:**
  • The centered tags etc. would look better left aligned like other elements esp. as the y are left aligned in the individual post

  • Preview content line height is too small

  • Sidebar widgets too close together , need to space and personally I’d try splitting them entirely e.g. gap between them rather than solid sidebar BG


  • There’s definitely room for more attention to detail and fine tuning

  • @Toivo-Media is right about the typography

  • careful with alignment and spacing

  • some aspects feel a little rushed and like you were not 100% sure on how to display them?

i think it will be better to start over … :neutral_face:

It’s no a bad start but you are going after probably the toughest category possible -

  • PSDs must be flawless and offer something hat gives it premium value for someone to potentially code it

  • designs should be approvable if coded here

  • one page designs make i even harder because you don’t have a huge amount to work with and it’s a very saturated space which means even more so it needs o be pixel perfect and extra unique

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