Before submit my flyer, need feedback for I can fix again.

@tmcom @Mister-L

I need feedback my design flyer for fix before of submit graphicriver :slight_smile:

I need check the file:


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Very Nice

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Many thanks :slight_smile:

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Seriously? You’re talking to yourself now? The same profile is behind JeriTeam and Ahmad208


Yes :slight_smile:

Your flyers are very good on graphicriver than do you can help me my flyer file is correct or not? please check my file thanks :wink:

Please help me thanks.

Just an observation when it comes to your existing flyer…

On average, you get 9 cents per month, per item… or $1.08 a year. Over the four years you’ve had most of your flyers available, you’ve made a total of $4.32 per item. Give or take.

…if it was me, there would come a point where I would ask myself “is it worth it?”

I’m not saying give up, I’m just saying that it’s worth considering whether the amount of time and energy you’re putting into creating these flyers, is worth the payoff? It might be worth going through your portfolio, figuring out which of your items is your best seller (or which category of items), and seeing if it might be an idea to focus your efforts in that direction. Logos, business cards and flyers are notoriously difficult to get approved due to them having so much competition… maybe it would be an idea to try some other categories. For example, compare your flyer stats with your form stats…

Flyers: 9 cents per month, per item… or $1.08 a year.
Forms: 12 cents per month, per item… or $1.44 a year.

Not much of a difference, but it’s nearly a 35% increase, so it’s something to think about. Don’t work hard… work smart!


Please help meeeeee

Nothing help me but all already read my message of forum, all bad with me.

can any one help me befor submit ??

But I need sure if my file flyer new is fine or not.

Ok, took a quick look, and pretty good overall, but.

  • Check your shadows, (the one behind the coconuts on the right, were going past the wood).

  • Also redo your coconut edges, since l can still see some white on the edges.

  • Get rid of the bleed color, not needed.

  • Put level 1 and Vignette into a group.

  • And redo your bleed lines, (l know that your ones are 0.12" which is correct, but are also 36x36 pixels, (when you use a box from the edges). The ones l use are also 0.125", but are 9x9 pixels).

Envato questioned me about bleed lines some time ago, and after doing that, no probs, so l would go with those measurements.

That’s about it, good luck.

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I not understand

I not understand sorry I not speak english.

I used a colored box, to measure bleed lines from the edges, since it was a nightmare to do it any other way, and used a green box with 9 by 9 pixels, which is 0.125 inches by 0.125 inches.

If you create one of those, and drag it over to your flyers edges, then it gives you a perfect bleed line, just plop it into the edge of your flyer…

And after doing that save it as a default template and just use it over and over for a new one, (takes too long measuring bleed lines every time.

I add bleed lines 0.125?

so awesome design sir …