I need feedback about my flyer before submit graphicriver.

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Nope. I will be 100% rejection. work on integration.

how I can work on integration?

Check this 7 Easy Photoshop Tips To Make Your Composites More Realistic! - YouTube

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Thank you :slight_smile:

A ask… If I learn your youtube link, will graphicriver be approved?

No one can tell you if you get approved or not. If you learn to professionally create your flyers you have higher chances to get approved.


Thank you but I’m getting to my professional flyer but I have a lot of patience… thank you very much again. :slight_smile:

this is the best flyer u have done for very long, though u are still far from standards, according to me. The model is more likely to be a problem more than any other thing right now. She looks pasted in the environment , rather than composed, u have to add dodging and burning, u have to drop a smooth shadow behind in order to add depth to the flyer, u have to take out the yellow light on her bra, that looks pretty unrealistic. “Night sexy” does not sound English, I guess that u mean “sexy night”. As usual with any of your flyer, the stress is definitely not placed on the club , not sure that if club owners come to buy the item they will be convinced by having their club name treated as a secondary information. For me , this is a branding mistake and a real hierarchy problem, too. Finally the flyer is lacking finition at the moment, there are some very plain and empty areas that contribute to make the flyer a bit flat and simple


Thank you, I have to practice more my flyer.

The truth is that I trust you more than other authors because you are a good flyer designer.

Hello everyone, I really enjoyed this discussion, I had almost the same problem, I created a Flyer but I already contained no data, but it was also rejected,
Like this, What’s missing?

Fundamental design rules are missing.

Like what is that, or an example, my friend

If you don’t know what the graphic design rules and principles are, I’m sorry to tell you, but you have no chance of getting approved here.

You need to search about this rules and learn them because it’s impossible for me to compress 20+ years of experience in a forum comment.

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