My flyer new idea style, what you opinion for approved or not?

Hi to all:

Please help me before submit graphicriver? my flyer will to be approved? please help me thanks.



hi Jeri , this will be rejected for sure , sorry to say just this
your composition does not look realistic enough indeed, u have things that look pasted right next to each other , when a well made composition should be a homogenous and harmonious global thing …
here we see different layers, bakcground, hearts in the back , the composition and texts …u have to drop shadows in many places for the thing to look realistic and that people can buy it" … at this stage there is much to do as regard to the typo , the hierarchy, the titles (for them to spring out …), in short , sorry to say just this , Jeri but u have a whole lot of work ahead fro the thing to poentially be approved … honestly for me this is better that u focus on themeforest where u seem to have things approved …