My flyers are hard rejected, why?

Hi to all:

Why do not you help me to accept to sell my flyer? but my flyer is like a professional I do not understand anything and nobody helps me either :frowning: I feel very sad I can not work in graphicriver.

Porque nunca me ayudas para aceptar vender mi flyer? pero mi flyer es como profesional yo no entiendo nada y tampoco nadie me ayudan :frowning: me siento muy triste no puedo trabajar en graphicriver.

Can you please post your rejected flyer here? This way you can get some feedback

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Same flyers my other forums.

Hmm, I already provided feedback for these flyers. You didn’t made any modifications prior this post.

Please take a look at the other post with this flyer and improve the item by added the feedback provided there. After this feel free to re-post the updated/improved flyers.

Here you have the post:

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I not understand, what is semi transparent / smaller? please help me thanks.

P.S: I not speak english 100% :slight_smile: only spanish yes.

They needs to me Smaller. This is a good start.

Semi transparent = Add some opacity over them (Maybe a 0.7). If you create design you should be familiarized with these terms.


Semi transparent
Does that mean you want to add a square for text with opacity 0.7?

i am a beginner in grapicriver
please guidance.
my first file is rejected
Are there any tips for beginners?
thank you

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Please reply you thanks.

pleaseeeeeee help meeeeeeeeee

Type it into Youtube, and 99% of the time you will get your answer.

There are probably great how to videos for newbies as well, although renting Photoshop for Dummies is a good idea, (when l started l borrowed that for 5 months, and had to pay overdue fees, but it was worth it).


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do you have skype? please help me flyer for approved sell graphicriver thanks.

I don’t understand why you guys keep creating same old flyer’s design that it was created over and over again in the last decade? The market is over-saturated with this centered design flyers. Customers will pay for something new and original not for this old and dusty design style. It is really boring to see how many flyers like this are already in the market. Keep in mind your goal here is to sell not to get approved.


Many thanks.

I create a flyer but not same item graphicriver