Before I submit this track, I would really like to hear from you!

Hi all,

I have submitted some tracks and they all got rejected. I have worked hard on this one and I would like to hear from you before I submit. Is it ok for AJ? Is the mastering ok? Eq? Thanks to all for your precious suggestions.

nice one but i think it needs more low frequency
so bass should be louder i guess.

Thank you BrightTunes, I have noticed that as well, it is probably a mastering problem… still learning!

I am listening on average headphones, but I guess there is much work to do on the mixing part, even before the mastering.
Volumes first, not even EQ or compressors.
In the intro I find that the background pads are too low compared to the main melodic part.
Then when the piano appears, it seems a bit loud as well, compared to the previous part, so increasing the volume of the pads would probably help.
In the quiet part in the middle of the track, I can hear very very quiet background notes, they are really too low in volume!
Overall I think there are too many volume differences, I have the same remark for the instrument just at the end, I expected the volume to decrease, but it seems to be slighly increased before the fade out.

Trying to work at low volumes (on headphones, or monitors) and mono (instead of stereo) could help: this way your brain will more easily catch the difference in volumes - and this will help fix them.

Well this is just my opinion, and I am not an expert!

… so I forgot to say: don’t submit it, I am pretty sure it will be rejected because of the mix.

Hello Frozenjazz, many thanks for your reply and sorry for replying so late. Yes you are right, I have listened to it several times after a couple of days and noticed the same issues. I am working on it now and I will re post it - I have had a collection of rejects and I would like to stop the endless bleeding :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses: