Hi, I’m back and starting to queue up my submissions. 1st one back…rejection (oh the shock! lol)

Any of your thoughts would be greatly received :slight_smile:


Mix problem, 2k + high frequencies too exposed (it sounds like someone has raised treble during mastering). + too much air (+8k hz)

Drums are too squashed, too “washed”, they lack definition, the down is practically overcompressed so you don’t feel any impact.

The song is on the verge of commercial potential (at least for audiojungle).

I like the composition, maybe a bit too short, the ideal length of the song is around 2 minutes 30 seconds (from what i know).

Good luck :wink:


I love it, It’s awesome. The beer popping’s made me thirsty and it’s Friday night here, so cheers. :beers:
I think this would have been accepted if the mix was good. It sounds like someone turned off the main drivers on my monitors and just left the tweeters on solo. Where are the bass frequencies? It might be worth doing an average spectral analysis and compare your track with other top tracks in the rock genre and see what frequencies need adjusting.


This is a helpful video on the subject.

Thanks for the feedback guys, great tip, gonna analyse that now with a reference and whack out a remix, see where that takes me.

It be Friday night too here in South Wales dude :slight_smile: Cheers.

Reference track spectrum analysis was a great tip - thank you for that.

I made a go at matching it as good as I could to ‘Jet - Are you gonna be my girl’.

And I also played with my Black Friday goodies - Abbey Road mastering and an L2.

I’m so annoyed with myself I didn’t come round to the massive bass issue - what I had done is in the early stages decided that the bass drum had the nice sub, so featured that in the 50-80 and placed the bass guitar 100+ … this then led to me rolling off the bass on the guitars to separate those from the (too high) bass guitar - and so began the massive domino effect right through the track from that dumb decision that I didn’t go back and correct! My ears lied to me that the bass drum was providing the low end - grrrr. So grateful for the feedback here - though, that more than cancels things out!

So now the bass guitar is placed back where it should be, and the bass frequencies are back in the guitars, and now the cojones have returned!

Check this out - a late night headphone mix but I reckon this must be pretty close :slight_smile:


It’s a great piece as far as concept and composition, maybe a little short but probably great for advertising (make sure your last hit is at 29s and the whole thing is wrapped up at an even 30 if you really wanna target the ad crowd). The new mix is way better but the drums are still really sizzly and overcompressed.


I totally agree with Robert. Kick drum still needs more guts, and the top-end needs taming (especially the snare), but it’s definitely getting there.
Great advice about targeting TV advertising too. My wife makes promos for the History Channel, and when she’s choosing a tune, often she looks for tracks which are exactly 30, 40 or 60 seconds long because the time slots allocated for the promos are exact. (I’m guessing the same is true for TV ads.)
The great thing about getting your music synced to TV ads is that you can scoop a nice chunk of royalties through the PRS which can amount to way more than your broadcast licence price if you’re lucky. Definitely worth looking into joining if you haven’t already.

Thanks again guys. I can hear on fresh ears the snare and sizzle.
I’ve had a go at another mix, some more balls on the kick (I’m sometimes scared of muddying the kick with the bass which is the criticism the other way round on other rejected tracks - resulting in removing some of the beef from the BD). Snare is now less excited and compressed and tamed the cymbals a tiny bit and the tssh beer opening which may make it sound worse than it was.
Once again appreciate all the input, definitely gold - so thanks.
Next reject has just rolled in (yay!) - so I’m sure we’ll meet again.


Great track in my opinion, very cool! The last mix is better, the kick sounds clear and definite… only a suggestion, in the preview the distance between the two versions must be shorter, 1 or 2 sec maximum…
I’ve got a soft rejection on my first track exactly for this reason! All the best! :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: