Beat submission advice needed (hip-hop)

Hello everyone, I’m seeking feedback on how to secure Audio Jungle approval for this instrumental hip-hop beat. It’s designed for podcast intros/outros or other social media cues. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Hi @e3publishingco!

I don’t want to be harsh at all, but I’ll be completely honest. In order to secure the approval of this track, which I feel it has more potential as a logo or ident, than as a track or beat I would remove a couple of elements and make it significantly shorter.

From 0 to 0:05 - Ok, it’s a bit unusual but sounds fresh and original IMO.
0:06: The plucked / string-like instrument has to go, IMHO. It doesn’t add much to the track and actually it may lead u to a hard rejection. It’s not very well elaborated sound-design wise and the melody is pretty uninteresting. Again, I don’t want to be rude at all, just sharing my opinion.
0:10: I’m not sure at all about the brass section. Sounds too orchestral for a beat. Maybe if you filter and saturate it a bit. Maybe if you sample it and use chops could fit better in the genre. If you don’t want to risk rejection, I’d remove it as well.
0:20: That electric guitar HAS to go. It sounds like a really bad sample or a raw recording from a line input. There are also some tempo sloppery there. I understand that this can be an intentional choice in an artistic context, but as for stock music, it’s a deal-breaker, from my experience.

Finally the track is harmonically at the borders of tonality. Personally, I like it, gives the track an interesting tension. Hope the reviewer finds it interesting too.

To sum-up, I’d remove those 3 elements (plucked instrument, brass section, guitar?), shorten the length of the track to ~20 seconds and upload it as a logo or ident (remember you have to include “Logo” or “Ident” in the title).

No sure shots though. Best of luck! :four_leaf_clover:

BTW: I’ve been checking your portfolio. Crazy good stuff there! Congrats!


I’ll take these notes into consideration. Thanks mate. Nice stuff you’ve got there as well. Cheers!