I need your advice to my track.


Do you think my track will be accepted? Can you help me ?

Thanks in advance.

hey - only one way to find out :slightly_smiling_face:

-> just submit it :wink:


I sent 8 track. All were rejected. :slight_smile:
What do you think I should do? :grinning:

cool track! I really loved it! I’m not an expert with this style but i think you did a good job.
Some opinions: you are quite repetitive till 0:50, maybe too long. Then you added some brass sounds, but this still sounds repetitive to me.
Again, I’m not an expert and maybe curators love this one, but it’s only my opinion… hope can help.
Maybe other artists more within this style can tell something…
Good luck!


I’m happy you like the track :pray: . I think you’re right about repetition, maybe a few changes can be made. Thank you for helping me.
I will consider your criticism and work on it again.

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Cool track, but needs some work. Too repetitative like @MusicLFiles said.
Just a few thoughts (though I’m not really into this style :slight_smile: and don’t shoot this messenger.
I would bring the second part earlier (from 0:50). It has a nice laid back feel. The mix is maybe a bit too much in the high frequencies for me, but maybe that’s taste or the style. Maybe more lows? And the brass from 1:09 is too much upfront and the timing when it starts doesn’t seem right. It has to blend in more too.
Good luck!


good point! :slight_smile:

I’m happy you like the track. Thank you for your offers. :slight_smile:

To do list:
1-Smoothing high frequencies.
2-Find a cure for repetition
3-Look again 1:09 for timing and loudness .
4-Thank friend :slightly_smiling_face: @MusicLFiles @fishsound