Too simple to submit it?


This is the next track I would like to submit, I think it’s good and I see it for a project, but I’m afraid it seems too simple in the second part., what do you think? Too simple to submit it?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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What’s with the random drums in the intro? They seem disconnected from the rhythmic guitar part.

You mean the snare? The truth is that I’ve done it on purpose, I like the way it looks, do you think it could be a reason for rejection?

Thanks for answer :slight_smile:

Yeah, the snare, the toms, the splash… it’s all a bit chaotic. While I’m not a reviewer, I do think that it could potentially be a reason for rejection.

Well,I’ll see what I can do, thank you very much for feedback and your time.


Hi, I think the drum is one of the main issue, it’s not enough straitgh forward for stock. You need to have an easy guideline for the customers. Something which will be able to talk to everyone, especially in this genre which sound a bit like a corporate track etc. The other thing is that, there’s no clear transition between your main smooth part, and then the electric guitar come suddenly, without a clear break or transition. Also think that stock music has to develop only one purpose, if you go for smooth music like the intro you have to keep the track with this vibe etc.
Also the track is too long too and too repetitive. I suggest to shorter the track, and make come the different stuff in more subtle way, to keep the attention of the customer :slight_smile:

So to conclude, more clear purpose, more clear structure, more subtle variation, like why not one other lead, a smooth one which could complete the guitar etc, and more simple and straight forward drum pattern and sound

I hope this help ! Good luck for your next submission :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot, I think this is the best feedback I’ve received so far. Very good advice and tips.

Thanks again

Have a nice day!

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