Baffling soft rejections!

So this track has been soft rejected because of soft clipping??? I studied the wave file and it looks no different to any of my other pieces. Everything looks dynamically sound without any squaring or tops cut of and fits under a -1 threshold.

Then, the same reviewer soft rejects this track because the drums are apparently off the beat and need quantizing (what? I want it to be natural sounding) and the drum samples are out of date (what, for a medieval pageant?) Has it ever occurred that I might want them to sound medieval, simple and dated?

At times like these, I don’t think authors should be reviewing other authors tracks.


For the first track I believe it’s the first lead instrument that has issues. Otherwise, interesting composition.

Regarding the second track, they didn’t have samples in the Middle Ages (I think) so it’s not about the MUSIC being dated. It’s about the SAMPLES not sounding real. Like real instruments would have sounded back then. The drums sound very fake unfortunately, but interesting and very nice composition.


Thanks for the feedback Flumen. Fair enough for the second track but I’m still trying to work out what the “soft clipping” issue is with the first. Am I being a bit dense or the reviewer a bit pedantic? I think the reviewer needs to qualify “exactly” what is wrong. It’s too vague. I can’t make corrections if I don’t know exactly what the issue is.

I’m not entirely sure what they meant about the soft clipping, but there is a noticeable click sound at the start of each note of the lead instrument (as if the sample were cut off short). There are also rather dissonant string phrases from 0:27 - 0:42 which the reviewers might not have liked - though that would usually result in a hard reject.

There is what sounds like some very slight peaking on the right channel at 0:58 and 1:31 - might be due to MP3 compression on YouTube, but if it’s on the original then this might have been what they were talking about.

Agree with the reviewer about the drums. You’ll be able to find some more authentic sounding medieval drums that’ll work better for sure. :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time AurusAudio. I must be going deaf at 50 though, because quite frankly, I don’t hear any of those clicks and more importantly…would a buyer? Aren’t they more interested in the actual music? The reviewer didn’t mention any of these things either, it just says “soft clipping” issues needed to be addressed. Whatever they might be! :confused:

I have hundreds of drum samples to sift through but I guess I wasn’t too fussy in this instance. :slightly_smiling:

It does seem a shame though when the quality of a sample like a basic drum takes more precedence over the actual composition. :frowning:

I’m not sure if what I heard is classed as ‘soft clipping’, but there is very slight peaking on the right channel at exactly 58 seconds and 1:31 (Mystery House) - it’s either that or an artifact that sounds like very slight distortion - only on the right channel, and it lasts for about a second.

Either way, you’re right - it’s a minor issue, but I had a soft reject a while back due to some strange clipping in one of my older tracks. I’m not sure what else is “soft clipping” in the track, so if it wasn’t that I have no clue.

What I would consider looking at though, is the lead instrument starting from 0:09 - there is a slight click / pop noise at the start of every note.

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You mean the Oboe? I still don’t hear it. I’ve put a grace note in front sometimes but I’m not hearing any clicks.

More importantly, is it “enough” to put a buyer off using the “composition” for his project? Personally I don’t think so.

You should be more fussy. You’ll get a better overall medieval aesthetic to the track with some good old folk or orchestral type of drums. :slight_smile:

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Sorry Sir! :wink:

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Yep - oboe. I’m listening now on monitors and it’s a lot harder to hear, but with headphones, it’s still fairly noticeable. It’s a high frequency click.

To answer your second question - maybe. Granted many buyers won’t notice (nor care), but I suspect there will be a couple who do notice it, and probably won’t like it - a bit like having a dead pixel or two on your monitor - once you notice it, it can become an annoyance.

The quality standards are always going up (which is a good thing), so I suspect things like that will usually be picked up by the review team.

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After a bit of remixing and remastered, a new “improved” :slight_smile: version of Medieval Pageant has now been approved (by a different reviewer though, I might add)

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Nice, that works better!

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Yep, definitely a huge amount of clacking noise from about 0:08-0:30, might be part of the sample library. I know for example that Spitfire’s BML Solo Flute has a huge amount of flute clacking noise that sounds like clipping, but is really just part of the instrument/performer’s sound. Any sound that is percussive, short, and high pitched enough these days will be interpreted by “audio” people (and especially the reviewers) as “soft clipping,” even if that’s not really the case…

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Well I had a good teacher you see. :wink:

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For this track I decided to use a different Oboe from Miroslav Philharmonik’s just for a change. I think its called “Stereo Oboe Ethan Nando soundfont” but I’d have to check on another computer. Obviously that idea backfired. :open_mouth:

The latest soft rejection states… “There’s a slight soft-clip/crackle artifact 0:57-1:01, and at the last crescendo 1:29-1:31”.

For the life of me, I can’t hear anything except the snare and the Spaectrum Arts Percussion hit. :open_mouth:

In a real quandry about this one. I really want this track in my portfolio but I can’t see what I need to change.

Any advice guys?

Check the freq spectrum where it’s the hardest and cut some.

Well, it just got approved anyway. Thanks Envato.

In the end, it was all just a big “Mystery” in “Mystery House”…mwaaaaaaah! :slightly_smiling: