Another Rejects

Hello everyone. Got another HR. May be somebody have any ideas.
P.S.: important things. I use JBL E40BT because im far from home now.
May be i make bad mixing. Listen please.

Truly beautiful composition and arrangement. Maybe the ending is the cause of the rejection. Anyway, compliments!

  1. the stringed instrument 0:20 (melody) has a glitch effect.
  2. you need to place the tools in the space. example: guitar left, flute right, etc.

The degree of displacement is determined by ear.

In my opinion - these are the main reasons rejected.

There is still a possibility that the track identified as (not commercial)

@LineSound @Audioland
Thanks for tips. Try to fix it.

Stunningly beautiful track! Would love to hear it in a medieval tavern scenario in some game. I don’t agree at all with the reviewer’s decission but, if I had to mention a few possible reasons for the rejection they’d be:

  1. Maybe the drum section enters a bit abruptly. A transition element (a cymbal roll or tambourine tremolo, ie) could help to blend both sections. Also, maybe the percussion could be a few db lower.

  2. I love the strummed ending (is that a Bouzouki??? sounds amazing!!!), but perhaps a softer ending would make it more commercially appealing, maybe an arpeggiated arrangement like in the first bars.

Anyway, congrats on such a wonderful composition! The mixing sound great for my ears.

Thanks man))
Right now i was uploading this work and decide to check a forum.
Its a good i do it.A transition element will be good.
Thanks for advice.


Approoved! Thanks for advices folks!!!

Cool!!! Glad you made it :wink:

Good one, definite improvement. I like the piece too, and prefer the ending. And what a difference the cymbal makes.

Note to self: rejections that don’t meet the standard; add a reverse cymbal and resubmit (only joking! Definitely a tidier mix and a more polished ending).

That said, wouldn’t it have been more useful for feedback to be more specific, to call it in the first place and make it a soft reject? It surely can’t take any longer to type ‘tidy up the ending and we’re good’ than to press the reject macro and leave us all guessing!

Im just listen in after a brake.
P.S. - Im love Wilh Hunt. Very)

Congrats, mate! Your track truly deserved it!

In my humble opinion, sometimes rejections are good oportunities to learn. We’re not making our own albums here but trying to interpret someone elses scenarios and views, so making our compositions flexible and versatile is a must. I’m sure the new name helped as well.

Again, congrats! Yours it’s a beautiful piece!

Sorry bout my english, it’s not my native language and I’m pretty drunk right now… :beers:

All fine my friend))

I really like this.

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Glad you like it))