Rejection Feedback Please!!!

I received this regarding my latest submission :slight_smile:

This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard, unfortunately.

What do you think is wrong with this track? I was going for a medieval feel and used a frame drum, willow flute, celtic harp

Thanks to anyone that can offer some feedback!

To my ears, the flute feels a bit out of tune in many places. That said, it would not be much of a problem for me as I even think it might add a human touch to a «medieval» vibe, but for this marketplace, maybe it matters more to get perfect pitch in every style.

Yes, I was aiming for a natural sound for that peasant sound! As the willow flute has no fingerholes and is played by forcing air through the mouth piece, it’s probably why you can hear it’s not totally ‘in’ at times. So thanks for your input, I think you may well be right :slight_smile:

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My thoughts are that the theme does not develop. The single theme that you have is not bad at all and I actually like it… good job. It may be that the reviewers want more or, want it to develop into another motif / section. I’ve never heard of a Willow flute but in this “renaissance” period they used “recorders.” The attack and release of the willow flute samples aren’t quite convincing if it is indeed meant to simulate a recorder. The attack and release both seem too quick / short / abrupt to my ear. With all due respect, I hope that helps.

Thanks Toby, I just liked the willow flute on this piece which was really just a short little peasant ditty! It’s a medieval Norwegian instrument, used in folk tunes. It’s not played like a recorder the technique is quite different. Thanks for the feedback, I was a bit baffled why it was rejected as I thought it was good! Should’ve stuck to a recorder!!!

Cool! Yeah, it IS good! Maybe just too short. Maybe give it a shot with the recorder? :slight_smile:

Ha ha yes!

I actually can hear this being played by National Public Radio when they do a history piece on Medieval Europe :slight_smile: Now for the feedback. The one thing that got me when I first heard this was the soft drum in the opening sequence and a few other times. It sounds like it is out of sync with the flute. Maybe it’s because it is so soft and doesn’t have an “edge” to it. Perhaps that can be tightened up to help.

Hi Flossie,
I listened on my phone and there the flute doesn’t seem to be in the mix. Maybe let it come more from behind?
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Yeah the track is nice but the flute is sounding a bit too precise. You can make it more “human” by softening attack and release, un-quantize by moving the notes about a bit, changing velocities and adding a room reverb. It may also be good to push it back into the mix by cutting some of the peaking lows, highs and high mids. I also think making the track a bit longer, adding progression starting without only background instruments and building up towards a climax (and maybe add another version without the flute) would increase likelihood of approval. Good luck :sunglasses:

Flute is out of tune, and sounds unnatural and dry. Also there’s a couple of parts where the harp and flute sound like the both have lead sections which can get a bit confusing and crowded so it might be good to mess about with different melodies until they sit nicely together, the beginning works well :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the feedback! The flute is a willow flute not a normal flute! I was going for a counterpoint feel with the harp and flute and the drums are not out of time!

I take all the advice on board though, particularly the mixing points but I don’t think it deserved a hard reject, it’s medieval music with medieval instruments I didn’t want a modern sound! I didn’t want it too washy with reverb as I had envisioned a bustling peasant town scene!

Interesting to hear others viewpoints though, and I really appreciate the time you all took to listen and critique. Thanks!

That’s really weird I can hear it really clearly on my phone on Soundcloud site? Anyone else have that problem?

I hear the flute, but I mean that it sounds like it’s separate (like stockwaves says)

Oh okay, that’s good when you said you didn’t hear the flute on your phone I was a bit puzzled!!! I agree the flute is too loud in the mix.

I think it sounds good. Maybe the reviewer isn’t familiar with the willow flute and think it sounds out of tune? Maybe do a version with a “not so authentic” flute in addition to this version and a version with no flute?

Flute sounds way too artificial and out of tune, real flute never sounds that artificial. May be this is why it was rejected. And all orchestration is need more depth and layers, i mean i would add more layers to make sound reacher. And sounds too qunatized, thats also add artificial feeling and “cheapness” to this track.

AAARggggh it’s a willow flute arrrrghhh!!! Perhaps read the thread first?

Thanks I will.

Willow flute