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First, thank you for your reply and response
I will wait for the 17th but after that I will contact my bank and tell them to check the transaction
If the problem is not resolved, I will return to the conversation with you so that you can help me solve this problem

I got a refund on my envato credit but I don’t like it or what I want
I contacted envato support via mail and they told me that the system tried several times to get my money back, but the bank system does not accept payments.
And of course, I contacted the technical support of my bank and he said that we do not deal with some sites
I contacted envato by mail again and told him that my bank system does not accept your payment because it does not deal with some sites
The response was received by envato, and I will attach a copy of the messages sent by enato
But I created a clerk account to receive payments and get money back through Payoneer
And I told envato that I bought the same product by mistake and I want to cancel it and get a refund on the writer’s balance, which is amr_maro111
I told him that I had not removed the template, but I had already downloaded it so that it would not be canceled, but I did not do it at all
There are also 2 dollars in envato credit and I also want to redeem them on the author’s credit

Please solve the proble


So ultimately this one comes down to a misunderstanding of the platform.

Envato accounts have two wallets:

  1. Account credit (depositing funds and refunds for buyers)
  2. Author earnings (earned by selling items on the platform)

Account credit cannot be paid out, even for authors. It’s only author earnings (direct sales from items) that can move through the payout system. You might have converted your customer account into an author account, but the refund is still account credit and is not eligible for payout.

Refunds can only go to account credit or the original payment source. If the original payment source rejects the refund, then your only option is to receive it in account credit and spend on it a different item. It’s very unusual for a Visa card to not accept a refund. You should press the bank on that issue further.

I know that’s an unfortunate answer, but you won’t find many online platforms who are willing to issue a refund on any payment source except the original, because it would make them highly vulnerable to a card dispute loophole which would quickly become a common fraud tactic.

Unfortunately it looks like your ticket has been moved to Author Support, which is for authors with items to sell. You need to be communicating with Customer Support as a buyer.

OK, but is it okay to transfer my account to a regular account again?

I’m not sure that’s possible, but support would be able to advise.

Either way, it shouldn’t affect you at all. You are still able to use an author account to purchase items exactly like before – it simply adds a second wallet for author earnings, enables the payout system for those earnings, and allows you to upload your own items.

Well, I want a link to contact the author’s support

You’re already communicating with Author Support in the screenshot above (Oliver). You can reply to that ticket to let them know that you’re actually a buyer – they’ll move it to the right department.

Is the item that you purchased if you leave it for a long time, such as a year or two, without activation, will it be removed or will I keep it for life?

That’s a tricky question to answer, unfortunately.

Authors can remove their items at any time, at which point you will lose access to the download. Existing installations of the item should continue working so long as their environments (such as server/software versions) remain the same. New installations might fail if the item requires activation.

With that said, items wouldn’t disappear from your downloads due to inactivity.

I asked evanto support to remove an item that I purchased by mistake, but I do not want to remove it
What do I do about it so they don’t delete it?

Reply to the ticket where you asked them to remove it.

Did you talk to them or do I talk to them?
And how do I contact them to delete the request to cancel the product that I purchased because I do not want to cancel it

I’m just a normal user like you, so you’ll need to handle this yourself. I can only advise.

I’m not exactly certain what you mean by “cancel a product” though. Did you request a refund from the official form? If so, then the refund request would have gone to the item’s author, and you should contact them to let them know you’ve changed your mind.

On the other hand, if you opened a ticket with Envato, then you simply need to reply to the ticket email and ask them to disregard the request.

Is ENVATO credit if I leave it for a year or two without using it to purchase an item? DO THEY REMOVE MONEY FROM ENVATO BALANCE

They automatically expire after one year – however you will have the option to extend them within the last four weeks.

If I purchased an item from envato credit and the item was not permanently downloaded and activated, will the item be deleted or will it remain for life in the download section?

I can’t answer that one – items will remain in your downloads forever, but authors can delete their items, at which point you will be unable to download it. I still have items in my downloads dating back to 2013, but many have been deleted by their authors.

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Is the author able to revoke or deactivate an item’s activation key after downloading an item and uploading an activation key?

That’s exactly where it gets complicated. Envato doesn’t have an official system for activation. Instead, each author implements their own. This means if the author deletes the item and shuts down their activation system, you won’t be able to activate it going forward.

The good news is that most items don’t require activation to use them, and only use activation for updates and support. Check with the author of the item you want to purchase to discuss whether this is the case.