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I requested a refund for more than a week, and the refund request was approved, but I don’t know where to find the refund to withdraw it

Hi, you can check Envato profile. I think Envato account credit refund amount.

i I don’t find any balance in my account, I can assure you
I need you to tell me the steps in detail to find my balance

I think you have credited the amount. So that is not possible withdraw. You can check attached screenshot. You can buy different items.

Yes, I paid money and bought a newspaper template and requested a refund, and the author removed the item in the download section and there are no items I have now
The refund has been approved, but I can’t find the money to withdraw it, and I can’t buy another item No, when I buy to another item I am asked for a new price No, there is no refund balance in the wallet to buy another item

Author: A refund has been approved, but where is the money?

Hi @amr_maro111,

If your refund request is approved by the author, it is sent to the Envato Help Team for processing. This usually takes three to five business days.

The refund amount should be added in your account as a credit which can be used to purchase any item from the envato market. but you will not be able to payout that credit because that is a credit not a balance.


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You can check attached screenshot.

Where can I find that money? Please explain to me in detail and the steps

Please post a screenshot of your statements page. It’s possible the refund was sent back to the original payment method, but we can only speculate without seeing the statement page.

I paid by Visa, not Payoneer, and I removed the Visa payment method
I have proof that the amount will not be refunded via Payoneer through the record in Payoneer

It looks like the payment has been refunded to the original card (Visa), as noted by the manual adjustment at the top of your statement. It should arrive back in the bank within 5-7 business days.

There is no way to have the refund sent to a different payment method. It either goes back to account credit, or back to the original payment method. In this case, it was sent to the original card.

I did not receive any money on the visa
I removed the visa on the first day when buying the product, how was the money refunded on the visa? I did not receive any money at all on the visa because if I sent the money, I would have known from the bank’s application

Please check who sent and refund the money and make sure of it, no, I did not receive any money at all

It hasn’t been 7 business days, so please allow more time. If you don’t see the funds appear after November 17, then it will be time to contact the bank responsible for your Visa account, as well as Envato Market Help and Support.

Removing the card from your account would not prevent a refund from being sent back to it. Envato doesn’t need or use your card information at all to process the refund. It simply reverses back through all of the banks that originally processed it.

Do you mean that the visa data that you paid with is preserved even after removing it and you refunded the money on it?
How much money is expected to be added to the account?

What is the expected time to receive the money, and if the money is not sent, how do I deal with this problem?

When I contact technical support
This message appears and I don’t know


Ok, there’s a lot to unpack here.

No. The money is simply reversed. Banks keep strict record of where their money moves, and this makes it very easy to send a refund back to the original payment method, without storing the card details.

According to your statement, USD 61.00 has been refunded.

There’s no specific time. It can take up to 7 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) for banks to process the refund. If you don’t see the funds after that time, start by contacting the bank as they may be able to advise on a longer timeframe.

The email address in your screenshot is not for Envato. You must submit a ticket from the online form here: Envato Market Help and Support

I contacted Envato Market Help and Support 1
From the site, a message has been sent successfully, but no response yet
And the screenshot, I think, is something else
But you say call your bank, what do you mean, is the bank I deal with or your bank?
I mean your private bank BM your bank

Your bank, for the Visa card that you used to purchase the script. Your bank will have to process the refund before it shows on the account – it’s not like purchases which show immediately. Generally this takes 3-7 days, but some banks can take up to 14. They should be able to advise further.

So I will contact my bank, but what should I tell him in detail
I must have a clear response to the bank
What do I tell the customer service officer of the bank?

Just to be clear, I do not work for Envato. I’m just a community member like you. I’m merely trying to help you understand how these things work.

It’s normal for credit card refunds to be slow. They are slow, but reliable. I still advise you to wait until November 17 for the funds to appear before taking any action. After that, you can call your bank to ask how long it may take for the refund to appear in your account, and they may even be able to look at the specific transaction for you.

Envato will simply tell you that the refund has been sent from their side. Nonetheless, you can expect to hear back from them in about 5 business days.