I just want to know where the refund money reflected in my bank account or in my credit card

I bought the theme but it’s has missing features.
The author accepted the refund, i just want to know where the refund money reflected in my bank account or in my credit card from which i paid.
refund is showing in my statement tab. what i have to do now? can i get it in bank account?

Thank you !

Please check your account, at top of the page (top right) besides your username! can you see the refunded credit there? If your refund credited to your Envato account as Envato credit then you can use the credit for your next purchase.

You can get back the refund to your payment method (credit card) but not in bank account. You should contact Envato Customer support Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.


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Nothing is showing there.

That was only authorised yesterday (a weekend not a working day) and the manual update at the top looks like the credit was refunded to you so it’s possible that any delay is a balance of it needing to be a business day and your bank processing things

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Yeah, just to confirm what the others are saying and answer your question more specifically, the top line in your statement (“Envato Credit Refund - Braintree”) signals that the refund was sent back to the original payment method. If you paid with a credit card, the refund is going back to the same card.

There’s no way for Envato to send the refund to another account (such as your bank account) since they are simply reversing the original transaction. This is standard operating procedure.

It might take a couple business days for it to clear Braintree’s system, and then your bank will have its own processing time. Unlike purchases, which show while processing in the form of authorizations, you won’t see the refund on your account until your bank has finished processing it.