Ayuda !!!

Please, can you give me a hand, I’m lost in this, I can give you access to my hosting, I do everything that the video tutorial says but I don’t get the images
this was what i bought
this is what i rode
Could I have more direct contact with you please?

Some cases, the images are not included to the theme due to copyright issues. You may need to replace it with your own images.

As @ki-themes says - from the theme info:

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I already did it as indicated in the tutorial, but it is a very different topic from what is shown in the demo, could you help me upload to Hosting?

Documentation etc. won’t cover actual installation because everyone will be different depending on their hosting/configuration etc.

Best options is speak to your host provider or hire a freelancer

I don’t see the way to contact the theme provider. Do you know someone, do you manage the platform?

The supplier shows the installation in a video, and I follow the example and it doesn’t come out the same, it doesn’t show images or the color change from white to black

It’s probably server-side issue or you need configuration. You will need to find/fix the problem on your own or by contacting the hosting provider. If you’re looking for paid support, I’m available. ( Installation service )

Hi, I’ll tell you that you would be charging me for your installation service so that it remains as it is in the video

I sent PM