Axiomthemes: gymstore and tennis sport club themes.

I downloaded the two themes from envato elements. I’ve tried to install them on two different hosts withouth success. Does anyone have an idea with these please.

What is the issue you are having?

Theme installs. But when you try to preview it, it says site having technical difficulties. If you activate it you get the white screen.

I’m begining to think maybe it has something to do with not having the latest update as I got it on envato elements and according to documentation it was tested on version 5.1 whilst my wordpress version is 5.3. I don’t know if that can cause issues like this.

That sounds more hosting related than theme related (unless as you said it’s out of date although 5.1.-5.3 was not a huge jump)

Are you running the latest version of WP and PHP on your hosting? (according to the themeforest changelog they made several PHP 7 compatibility updates)

Wordpress version 5.3 and php version 7.3. It would be strange to be hosting issues. Two different hosts: 000webhost and

Neither of these are exactly premium hositng - can you share the exact message you get about technical issues?