The theme I downloaded looks nothing like what I bought

This is the link to what I thought I bought.

What I have is a blank page with very basic headings. I assumed when spending $90 AUD, I would get the exact same as what I was looking at and I could change details to suit my application.

Please advise me…

No WP theme will look like the demo until you have installed demo content and set the navigation, front page etc.

Check the documentation which will explain how to do this.

FYI normally stock images used in demos will NOT be included with the download version


Thank you that helped enormously, the theme now looks like the one I ordered. The issue is I have to spend another $90 AUD to buy the sub-editing package so I can emulate the same theme. This is ridiculous! Does anyone know how this sort of thing can be avoided?

What’s a sub editing package?

Apparently this… this

Or perhaps I am just totally off base? It’s very possible lol

I can’t imagine that you have to have elementor pro to use the theme - I would expect it to work with the standard version

I have got another web host and it is $60 a year compared with $35 a month. I’ve used them for years on my other site, but wanted fast setup so went with the month to month to begin.

Sorry bud some sook reported my posts as spam when I was simply trying to give you an example. Thanks for the help, if I cannot easily work it out I’ll contact envato in Melbourne and shake the tree a bit…

I really don’t think that you needed to buy the pro version to use the theme - even the author says so (my Spanish is basic but Google translated it!).

Unfortunately buying that version of the plugin will most likely be outside of Envato’s scope but if it was recently then maybe Elementor might consider refunding it

I’ve actually been too busy to do anything more with the package since we last spoke. I’ve installed it in my web hosting server as a so I can work on it, but haven’t committed to the purchase yet.
I appreciate you taking the time to assist, thank you…